The Artificial Human Brain Is the Most Dangerous Invention

A man should pray for healing from every disease, but mental illness is something from which it has been strongly advised to seek refuge. One can live with a person who has arms, eyes, or legs. Deprived or unable to speak or hear, but it is very difficult to live with a person who uses his mind only for negative things, who always think of harming others and whose mind itself Not under control.

Manufacture of Artificial Human Brains:

The brain is the most valuable asset in the world. You will know Hitler. Hitler ordered the killing of millions of people from his own brain, and it is this brain that Alexander Fleming used to invent penicillin, which saves the lives of billions of people who fall ill today. You will not find anything more important in human beings than the brain. However, two news items about the manufacture of artificial human brains have once again put the world in danger.

The Open Artifact Intelligence Program:

According to the first news, Microsoft has invested one billion dollars in a project to make an artificial human brain. The artificial brain will be jointly developed by SpaceX and Tesla. According to Greg Brockman, chief executive of the Open Artifact Intelligence Program, this will be the most important technological invention in human history to date that will give a whole new dimension to human life. Under which digital brains based on artificial human memory can be created. What are the practical effects of this invention? No one knows about it, but this invention will play an important role in eradicating poverty and disease.

The Open Artificial Intelligence Program was launched in 2015 and under it, various startups have made significant achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. According to the company, this project has been launched in good faith for the betterment of humanity and Thanks to this technology, all human beings will have the complete economic freedom to enjoy all kinds of opportunities in life and will be able to discover new avenues that have never been thought of before.

How to Enhance the Memory:

The other piece of news is about the human brain, according to which a patient in a hospital in the US state of Minnesota has successfully tested a microchip to enhance memory through surgery in the brain of a patient. Twelve words from the patient before the microchip. He asked to repeat, but he could only remember three. After the memory chip was inserted, his memory was re-tested and he immediately repeated twelve words.

The device was invented by Professor Michael Kahana of the University of Pennsylvania. According to Michael, we put various sensors in the patient’s brain that monitor the electrical signals coming out of the brain. With the help of these signals, the device detects memory-related material and sends it back to the brain. This is just like meteorologists installing various sensors in the atmosphere, which receive data on humidity and air in the atmosphere.

Technology To The Market On A Commercial Basis:

According to Case Studies, the chip improved patients’ memory by 15 to 37 percent during tests. Over the past five years, the US Advanced Research Projects Agency has spent 77 77 million on memory-based technology and research. The technology is primarily designed for thousands of soldiers injured in brain injuries. However, a startup incubator in the United States is working to introduce the technology to the market on a commercial basis.

Man is also called the noblest of creatures because of his brain. There are tens of millions of animals and birds in the world and they all have brains, but the only man can use his brain to the fullest. When a lion comes in front of a human being, the lion has no choice but to eat the human being. Similarly, donkeys and horses can either eat, drink, walk, lift weights, or enjoy sleep. Other than that, they have no fourth job.

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