Famous Technologies, Not New Ones

Self-driving cars, selfie sticks, drones, touch screen devices, e-cigarettes, and many other devices seem to be the best inventions of the present age, and even new names appear on the list of their inventors. You can also register by name. But the fact is that most of the latest inventions are an extension of the devices of the past, and this thing is always hidden. In fact, some people have already developed these inventions in the past. However, they do not reach the production process or their production is very limited due to various reasons. Many people even do a good production of their inventions.

Selfie sticks:

The selfie stick was named one of Time Magazine’s best inventions of the year. However, the fact is that this stick, which helps in taking pictures with mobile devices, was invented long ago. A 1925 photograph, for example, shows a couple taking a photo of themselves attaching a camera to a pole. However, the real photo stick was invented by Hiroshi Yewida, a Japanese man, in the 1980s. Hiroshi was a photographer and he made this stick because he and his wife were unable to take pictures of themselves while traveling in Europe. While a boy was given a camera to take a picture during the tour, he ran away with the camera.

Annoyed, Hiroshi decided to invent something that would allow him to take pictures of himself. Which he named the Extender Stick. In those days, a small camera would be attached to a corner of a stick, with a small mirror in front of it, allowing users to see what kind of picture they were taking. Hiroshi also patented the Extender Stick in 1983 and produced it in large quantities for sale. However, the invention failed commercially, and the quality of the images taken from it was very poor. Now the selfie stick was rediscovered by Winnie the Pooh in 2000, three years before Hiroshi’s patent expired. Wayne called it QuickPod and still believes he is the inventor of today’s selfie sticks and has filed lawsuits against people who have come up with various selfie sticks.

Touch Screen:

That was in 2007 when Apple introduced its first iPhone to the world, a full touch screen phone that also had its own virtual pad. For most, it was a device they had never seen before, and they call it the first touch screen phone. But that’s not true. In fact, Apple didn’t develop the first touch screen mobile phone, nor is the touch screen a new invention. A year before the introduction of the iPhone, LG had introduced a full touch screen phone to the world.

However, it was not the first device of its kind. The world’s first touch screen phone was IBM’s Simon, introduced in 1992. Touch screen technology is even earlier. The world’s first touch screen device was a tablet, developed by AA Johnson in 1965. Until 1995, the tablet was used to control air traffic. In 1971, Samuel Hurst developed the first resistive touch screen, dubbed the Alograph, which uses a stylus pen as well as fingers, and the world’s first touch screen computer was introduced by HP in 1985. Named the HP150, and interestingly, Apple also introduced its first touch screen device in 1993, dubbed the Newton Personal Digital Assistant, but the device proved to be a flop.


The drones are thought to have been developed over the past decade, but traces of such drones can be traced back to 1916, when Archie Baldwin, a British inventor, designed them, and the first radio control device. The drones were designed to compete with German Zeppelin airships.

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