The Effects Of Technology

Global Village is a name that hardly anyone in today’s world knows about. In today’s world, modern technology has transformed our society into a global village by embracing the whole world. Has solved the problems of our past.

Today’s Technology Has Separated Human Humanity

At the same time, mutual love, humanity, nobility, honesty and blood relationship. In this day and age, people look different even when they are together. This is the effect of all technology, which has taken the form of a machine by destroying human humanity. In the past, human labor has been used. This modern technology has made us robots in this global village world who have no feeling, no mental capacity. The fact that machine robots are doing the job of human workers in the best way in successful factories today. The machine has facilitated human life in various ways. The news of the bridge arrives. Mobile and the net have also brought humans closer together. Where distances narrowed, many evils arose. Misbehavior among the youth increased. The misuse of the internet world has destroyed civilization and culture and countries and nations and now it is hollowing out our civilization.

Negative Effects of Technologies

While technology has transformed the innumerable difficulties in our lives into a form of ease, at the same time the world of the Global Village has also made man aware of many problems. Many dangerous problems have arisen in this global village world. Problems that did not exist in the past are now being put into practice in this global village world. Before stepping into the world of technology, brotherhood was common among the people, but nowadays, even in a society where it is not known who is living in the same house as us.

Subtle Way Technology Is Making Humanity Worse

In today’s global village world, materialism is taking its place. Love has taken on meaning, but today no one can turn away from the fact that the world of the Internet has heated up the market for pornography. The world of this global village has popularized pornography as well as drug addiction among the youth. While today’s social networking has made human lives easier, it has also created countless dangerous problems.

As we know, technology is evolving all over the world today. There are advantages to this, but the disadvantages are innumerable and even though we know the disadvantages, we do not stop using technology much and get so immersed in it that we do not even know what is going on around us.

Positive Effect of Technology

Today, the age of modern technology has made man comfortable, and has also made him in need of machinery and robots for his walking and eating. Man must be moderate. Excess of anything gives nothing but loss. Thanks to modern technology, the net is now in hand. The dim light of the screen affects the eyesight. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Finally the charger is attached to the mobile. Still, the use of mobile continues. We have enslaved ourselves to machines.

What has social media Technology given us?

Constant cell phone use can lead to poor eyesight. The head becomes heavier all the time, and waking up late at night makes the stars appear even during the day. If students devote so much time to their education, there is no doubt that our society will move towards success. Constant sitting also causes pain in the spine. We need to ask ourselves, Because of which we are ruining our health with our own hands.

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