Disadvantages Of Technologies

There is no doubt that the world has benefited greatly from science. It has given man every kind of relief. Many of life’s difficulties are gone. It has saved a man from many diseases, but it is not right to think that it is a pure blessing. There is also a dark side to it. It has endangered humanity. There are also many disadvantages to size.

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In fact, there is nothing wrong with science. Its benefits or harms depend on the use of science. If a man is not a slave to science, but a master and does not stray from the right path, then science can be an unparalleled blessing. However, we cannot turn a blind eye to the evils of science.

The Invention Of Weapons:

The greatest threat to humankind from science is the invention of weapons of mass destruction. Man has developed the atomic bomb with the help of science. This has led to the threat of extinction not only of civilization but of humanity itself. The bomb dropped by the United States on the Japanese city of Hiroshima 40 years ago killed thousands of people on the spot. Thousands fell ill and later died by rubbing their heels. For miles, the bomb had exploded from brick to brick. In a few moments, the city was on the ground. The bomb had caused havoc everywhere. The thought of the suffering that befell the people makes our hair stand on end. Forty years later, the lethality and destruction of the atomic bombs in the possession of man cannot be estimated. These bombs are more dangerous and destructive than the first bomb. If God willing, a third world war breaks out, then the God of the world is the only one who remembers.

Nuclear Power:

In the current war, not only the soldiers are suffering, but also the urban and rural people are suffering. In addition to nuclear weapons, other weapons have been invented that will make people suffer in hell. Such as toxic gases and germs. These weapons undoubtedly show the moral inferiority of man, but when the enemy attacks a nation. So that nation will use every tactic, even if it is far from humanity. There is a famous saying that everything is permissible in war and love.

Technology Emphasizes Material Progress:

Technology has deprived man of moral values. He is now frying on evil and cruelty. Every nation wants to maintain its dignity. Every nation is bent on beating other nations in the field of development. In this world of chaos, nations are resorting to all sorts of tactics, and are willing to adopt every method, legitimate and illegitimate, for their own ends. Principledness is gone, religion is declining, morality is going bankrupt, and virtues are disappearing. Science emphasizes material progress and does not emphasize spirituality, which puts man at risk. The world system is in danger of collapsing. The welfare of the world lies in attracting people to religion, morality, and spirituality.

Why We Must Use Technologies Very Carefully.

As long as people do not develop feelings of philanthropy, godliness, and justice. The world will fall into a pit of destruction. What is needed now is a system in which equality, freedom, brotherhood, love, justice, and compassion are the basic principles. Overall, it can be said that on the one hand, the inventions of science have brought the man to the moon, but on the other hand, there are many negative aspects due to which human beings are suffering from various diseases today.

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