Increasing Steps Of Technology, Increasing Facilities

If computer science is the miracle of the world, then the world’s largest natural computer, the human mind, is an example of its height, flight, thinking, and natural creation, through which the inventions and discoveries are envied. If you want to see a manifestation of this, then watch the TV channel National Geographic and Discovery, and I do not watch this channel. He likes to be a well-wisher. The people of the West are digging tunnels into the sea, and bridges are being laid over the seas.

How Has Technology Improved Production:

The greatness of the glorious Lord Jalil and the concept of religion are doubled. Double-minded and skeptics believe in the Oneness of God. It is the reward of nature, that it has endowed the short mind of man with such perfection and intelligence that it is creating mind-boggling feats.

Miracles Of Technology:

Man has been called the noblest of creatures because he can give the cloak of expression to the manifestations of nature. Seeing the wonders of science and the miracles of technology, man is compelled to think, how great will be the God who has endowed the human mind with so many qualities. All this is the perfection of my Lord, otherwise, man would have done it. A sixty-year-old pile of mud and ash that eventually finds itself in the mud. His deeds live on for many centuries.

How can Manufacturing Throughput be increased:

Look at the Taj Mahal, which was built three and a half hundred years ago, but its luster has not faded to this day, and no cracks have appeared. One billion people visit the Taj Mahal every year and even pay a billion dollars to India. At present, science and technology have progressed so much in the United States, Europe, and even in the Middle East, and such feats are being performed that the mind is stunned. The seas are being connected to the seas and the countries to the countries. The Netherlands and the United Kingdom are two separate countries, with a mighty sea barrier between them, but the two countries have been merged in such a way that anyone entering from the Netherlands can get up to a drop of water on the way. Doesn’t see and reaches the UK.

Technology in Industrial Field:

The man also developed rapidly in the industrial field. As the population grew, so did the demand for food. Then, to solve this problem, artificial fertilizers were used in crops, and pesticides were used to protect crops from pests. Thanks to science and technology, man has progressed in medicine, diseases which were never possible to cure, i.e. TB and cancer, etc. Today doctors are treating these diseases. Humans have also subjugated the earth, the moon, and the stars thanks to science. The animals that man once feared are now being used in everyday life.

Invention on Internet Communication:

The inventions of television and the Internet have made human life much easier. Through television, we can get religion and worldly information sitting at home. While we are getting online education through the internet. The Internet has made it easier for people to do everything at home. The Internet has made it possible not only to communicate and buy and sell online but also to earn a living.

The invention of the telephone made communication easier and we can now talk to any relative anywhere in the world. Science and technology have made human life comfortable, and in the times to come, the result will be that man will become very slow and lazy and will have to do all his work with machines. Whichever way you look at it, the astonishing sight of scientific miracles dazzles the human eye. Centuries have passed and moments have come within reach. Now the world is not just a global village. Rather, the village has spread and reached the whole world.

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