China Is At The Forefront Of 5G Technology. What Is The Meaning Of This?

The next generation of wireless technology claims to provide very high-speed internet using low energy. That’s why Beijing is vying for the technology.

Feng Shen District is a small town in southeastern Beijing, formerly known for its petrochemical and steel factories. Today, however, the district is part of a mobile technology revolution that has engulfed the whole of China. The world’s largest 5G technology network is being set up in the town.

China is Poised to win the 5G race

Last year, the Feng Shen government and China Mobile, China’s largest mobile operator, installed 5G towers on a 6-mile (10-kilometer) road. Since September 2018, companies have been using these wireless connections to test wireless communications between automated vehicles and their surroundings. This 5G network transmits data from roadside video cameras, vehicle sensors, and roadside sensors to a local data center, where the information is analyzed, which is then used in navigation. Sent to vehicles for assistance.

How is all this possible with 5G?

Unlike previous generations of mobile technology, which introduced only one feature at a time (in 1G you could talk on the phone on the go, with 2G technology you could send text messages. Began to use, and 4G gave us the ability to stream), 5G technology will introduce many dramatic features. With this technology, 100 times faster than 4G will be possible, and processing delays will be eliminated. In addition, this technology was invented to connect billions of machines and sensors at low cost without battery sucking, which would also make the advancement of the Internet of Things possible.

What does all this mean?

China knows this very well. In its Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, the government identified 5G technology as an emerging industry and essential sector for growth, and in Made in China 2025, which calls for China to surpass the rest of the world in terms of global creativity. Outlining the target, the Chinese government has pledged to make “new discoveries in fifth-generation mobile communications.” It is clear that China is determined to make this technology success, and that too on a large scale.

Why Is China Working So Hard On 5G Technology?

One reason for this is national dignity. This is a great opportunity for China to make a name for itself in the field of 5G global wireless technology. European countries were the first to adopt 2G technology in the 1990s, Japan founded 3G in the 2000s, and the United States was instrumental in launching 4G in 2011. Now it’s China’s turn. In an interview, Jianzhou Wang, former chairman of China Mobile, China’s largest mobile phone company, described the journey of China’s mobile infrastructure from 1G to 5G as a “nothing more than a journey”.

Another reason is money. According to the Chinese government, 5G technology is very important for the country’s tech sector and economy. After years of copying tech products, Chinese tech companies now want to become billionaires like Apple or Microsoft. According to the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT), a state-run research institute, 5G technology will create more than 800,000 jobs nationwide by 2030. He says big industries like energy and healthcare will spend billions of dollars on 5G devices and wireless services.

How is China making this possible?

The Chinese government operates three mobile operators (China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom), and operates them in dozens of cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Shen Zhen. Leading the implementation of 5G test networks on a large scale. According to China Mobile, their tests are the world’s largest 5G trial network.

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