Artificial Intelligence, Counterfeit Technology and We

The Internet and artificial intelligence have created a storm of fake videos and fake news, which needs to be understood.

Today, we all live in a world that is connected to the Internet. Despite the rapid advancement of online technology, this modern age has created difficulties for us in many ways. In this article, we will give an overview of these technologies.

According to the survey, 65 million people in the country are currently connected to the Internet in the form of broadband, 3G or 4G. The number of users on various social media platforms is 35 million, of which 83% are on Facebook, 5% on Twitter, and the remaining 4% on YouTube or have an account. In this regard, it is important to be aware of the rapidly changing trends of the Internet.

Entertainment Or Information Technology:

Asia is a unique country in the world, where more news channels are watched than entertainment and chat news is more popular than entertainment or information programs. That’s why the ads that run between the news channel’s ratings and the smoky talk shows sell at high prices.

Since the viewers have no control over it while watching TV, except that they change the channel and watch something else, based on what is shown, the viewers are forced to watch the same thing, but on social media, it is not a compulsion and man is a little free. Whether to click on the video or watch the post or not. He is also independent in creating and broadcasting his posts, photos, and videos.

Broadcasting Industries:

Now let’s look at the future with the same tendency. Because the time to come will be web-based technology, but there are clear signs of it. That is why the TV and other broadcasting industries are resorting to social media and trying their best to get their foot on it. Now there are many women and men in Asia who have more followers on social media and the internet than these news and entertainment channels. They include culinary chefs, analysts, and actors, and artists. People like them. They comment on his work and accept his every word. Especially the fan type followers say yes to them and no to them. That is, they consider everything they say to be true.

Technology And Innovation:

Given the rapid growth of technology and innovation in the last few decades of this century, we are finding it difficult to keep pace. There is no precedent for such progress in the past. After mastering social media and internet technology itself, one can do anything and some examples of this are coming up, but you will see and feel more examples of it for yourself.

Rumors on Social Media:

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been questioned about spreading fake news about the US election and President Donald Trump’s victory. Independent analysts in the United States and Europe have said that the campaign may have been carried out from Russia, and some evidence has been presented.

The Social Media Revolution:

The debate has sparked a storm on social media and fake news. After the social media revolution, there has been a debate on fake news, fake accounts, fake Twitter handles, and other fake posts. Journalists around the world are considering ways to avoid counterfeit news and thus closing down online rumor mills, but the things that compelled me to write this blog have been around for a long time. So it went on, but it happened between that year and last year and I will call it ‘artificial intelligence on the internet’. For this, we use the word AI briefly, but before we go any further, let us mention AI a little.


You know that artificial intelligence, or machine intelligence, is a field of computer science that makes a machine artificially capable enough to function like a human brain. I would like to give an interesting example of this. You all must have used Facebook.

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