Why IT Technologies are Important in Education System

Bookstores nowadays have CDs of poems for young children, CDs for learning English, Wildlife CDs, and more. Parents who have a computer or CD player at home. They can also use this technology to educate children at home with the help of technology. The Internet has become the most important and in a way the easiest way to provide information these days.

Implementation of Technology in Schools

Google’s search engine claims to have everything. Find out the meaning of a word, translate it into another language, need a detailed informative article on a topic, need a picture of a topic or a video on a topic. Just go to Google’s translation, images, Wikipedia, or YouTube, everything you like, and every topic information is available. All you have to do is type in the correct words in the search engine.

Use of Internet in Education Field

National Education Day celebrations were held across the country on November 11, the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Our intention was to find his speech in the voice of Maulana Azad from the internet, so it was done in 1947 in the voice of Maulana Azad after searching on YouTube. His speech was downloaded and recorded with the help of a phone and passed on to a new generation of students. The advantage of technology in this way is that even after the passing of Maulana Azad, his voice has been heard by the generations to come after him.

Positive Use of Internet Technology for Students

Make it possible for children to make better use of the Internet during the holidays. Students who know how to type on a computer can also type a lesson. Some madrassas are giving this kind of homework to their students, and the homework is being checked by email. Some students are interested in drawing. Computer word art software can be used to help these students become proficient in painting and drawing. In this way, at the school level, with the help of educomp’s smart classrooms, laptops, CDs, and the Internet, modern technology can make education better, more informative, and more up-to-date.

Use of modern technology as a teaching resource at the college level

After graduating from a standard school, when a student steps into college life, it is the responsibility of the college administration to keep its college as a teaching resource in line with modern requirements. Therefore, every room of the college should be an e-classroom where teachers can use projectors. And students can also use this facility. College student Anfwan is going through the age of youth, and nowadays students are stepping into the college environment with the good and bad effects of the internet, television, and cell phone.

Why Student Need Technology in Education

In such cases, turning the student’s abilities into positive thoughts is the primary responsibility of an educator-teacher. So even in a college classroom, in addition to the traditional book: blackboards and chalk pieces and maps, an expert teacher can help students better understand their lessons with the help of their laptops and projectors. For this, the teacher has to be a computer expert. And with the help of PowerPoint features, they can adapt their tutorials to better and more interesting and up-to-date requirements with the help of various informative slides. Be it science subjects or any other subject that can be better understood with the help of modern technology. Preparing lessons for E-Class is a difficult task. It is not enough for everyone to prepare it at home, and if a standard lesson is prepared, it can be used at the national level.

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